Marketing between Black Friday and Cyber Monday: tips for driving weekend sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the most awaited and anticipated sales. People wait for them so that they can buy the best presents they want for their loved ones. There are numerous Black Friday deals, Black Friday sales, Black Friday specials going on. The shoppers gear themselves up for the best Black Friday deals and best Black Friday sales by simply keeping up with the Black Friday ads that come in their daily emails.  Black Friday online shopping is also a growing trend; people used to line at the stores before the day so that they can end up buying the things that they had their eyes on. Today outlets put Black Friday sales online as well, and hence customers can enjoy the top Black Friday deals and best Black Friday deals online. There are many blogs that help you remain updated about the Black Friday online deals, Black Friday2017 deals and as well as any pre-Black Friday sales or about any store offering early Black Friday sales. Some stores also aid your Black Friday shopping by giving out Black Friday coupons so that you can take advantage of the season to the fullest.

Apart from sale days, people also tend to buy during the weekends as usually, it is the time of the week when they are free and can go out and about their businesses. This is also the time when the shops should cash at the moment. Below are some of the tips that can be used to drive the weekend sales similar to the awaited sale days:

  • Conduct Flash sales. Flash sales are one of the most attractive ways to woe customers to your shops. The name sale itself compels the customers to buy even when they are in no need of the items on sale. Therefore, a flash sale can help your business in a powerful and positive way.
  • You can categorize and subcategorize according to the price and category this will make searching easy for people, and they will prefer shopping from your website as it helps them save time.
  • Has an interactive feature added to the website? You can ask your customers to click on a single image from amongst the three or four present, and the amount that comes out from the box is the discount that you will be winning overall on your purchase. This gives the customers a sense of elation, and they tend to over shop.