Marketing Your Black Friday Deals

Black friday

Black Friday sales are just around the corner which is why many retailers have already started planning. While physical stores plan to drive in crowds to their stores, the online stores should also plan to attract droves of visitors to their website. The Black Friday sales hit stores after Thanksgiving and continue for the entire weekend after which there is a Cyber Monday extravaganza.

This weekend is the biggest shopping festival of the year and shoppers spend billions of dollars on it which is why online stores also go all out on the marketing budget.

Black Friday potentially brings new customers to a business but the problem is there are a lot of stores competing for sales. You need a unique marketing strategy to convince shoppers to buy from your business.  They need to be lured in with more than Black Friday discounts and you need to use all your creative resources to get them to buy.

Free Shipping

One point of contention for most customers is the shipping costs. Even if there is a good Black Friday deal or coupon being offered, it is not enough for most people. With online stores you get customers from around the globe so the shipping costs are quite a lot for those who are from far off areas. This also offsets any Black Friday discount being offered. However, with free shipping customers can shop with confidence since they know they will be saving money.

Free Gifts

For some customers free shipping is not enough and they need that extra something to get them to click buy. This is where the giveaways and free gifts come in. Most online stores bribe customers with a special gift if they spend over a certain amount. It not only makes customers curious as to what the gift is but also convinces them to spend more than they originally intended to do.

Gift Guides for the Holidays

Picking gifts for family and friends is a difficult task which is why customers appreciate when stores make it easier for them to select presents. You can target certain segments of the society by creating categories and using keywords to generate sales.  Adding filters such as ‘Thoughtful Gifts Under $20’ can also help people pick out something for their colleagues, neighbors and other people they do not know very well but who are on their holiday shopping list.